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Java puzzlers and findbugs

Programmers need all the help they can get. It can be a thankless task sometimes and language designers with the best intentions cause misleading behavior to occur even in the simplest of code. The authors of Java Puzzlers, have mined the Java specifications misleading problems that cause issues in production code. It makes interesting reading, it can also points to scary traps that could trip up the hapless programmer. They do however recommend a tool called findbugs that will literally find bugs in your software.


JK Rowling's Harvard Commencement Address

JK's lessons in life from Harvard's 2008 commencement.


Chomsky at Google on Language

Chomsky talks at google about the Universal Grammar, the youth of today and how reliant the propaganda model is for the internet.


ZDT: Eclipse-based tool for learning chinese

Last year I started to learn Chinese. But didn't get very far. I've found out that the eclipse-platform has been used to create a program to help with learning Chinese script. It is called Zhongwen Development Tool or ZDT. (Zhongwen is Chinese for Chinese). The program helps when learning Chinese characters and tests your chinese character and radical knowledge using a flashcard system.

It is free and available on SourceForge.


Say no to BSOs

South Coast bikes have an interesting article about cheap bikes bought on the internet. It seems, with bikes, you get what you pay for.


Warren Smith and biomechanics

I noticed recently that Warren Smith has an interesting page on skiing. He talks about how biomechanics and psychology are not always taken into account by ski teachers and can contribute to skiers remaining at an intermediate level for longer. He lists some typical but not exhaustive issues that can be solved with more awareness: giving tips on diagnosis and remedies.

Learning a language

Want to quickly learn a language?



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