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Social Networking for Travellers

I've just read an interesting article in the Guardian in which the travel journalist Emily Baker puts some social networking sites for tourists through their paces: Going local. She gives a run-down of the social networking sites at the end of the article, here is some of it:

For meeting someone on a flight

Hamcrest and junit4.4

Since the Hamcrest matching library has been taken out of jmock and placed in its own package it looks to be generally useful for the application developer.  Hamcrest support has now gone into the new version of junit4.4, along with some other interesting features. 

The assertThat assertion now takes a matcher which provides a better alternative to assertTrue improving the error report when a test does fail.  Here are some examples:



Stupid internet laws and copyright

What is it with some politicians?  They see a problem, often a small one, and think up a broad law without sparing a thought for judges or the police.  Creating laws that are difficult, costly or even impossible to enforce.  One area which seems to be attracting these mad bureaucrats is the internet.  What on earth makes lawmakers think that they  can stop music downloading by threatening ISPs or bill website owners for anon

Flock a threat to IE

I read in the news today that Microsoft has made a beta release of Internet Explorer 8.  They also announced that the new browser works better with web applications like Facebook as well as fully conforming to web standards by passing the ACID tests.  This quick release has people thinking that Firefox is posing a threat to Internet Explorer's market share.  But it may be that the two browsers are beginning to notice Flock<

Biodiesel and rising fuel prices

Increasingly the media is talking about cleaner fuels and petrol companies are selling cleaner fuels on the forecourt. Despite this I don't meet many people that know an awful lot about biofuels: particularly biodiesel. Which is strange considering that amount that is spent at the petrol pumps. Perhaps petrol companies are making money because of high oil prices. I wonder how much petroleum-diesel is in the fuel I buy.


Amazing thinking sculptures

Dutch artist Theo Jansen creates creatures powered by the wind that are able to react to their environment. These amazing creatures are built to live on the beach and are able to store up wind energy and detect when the tide is in. He uses genetic algorithms to evolve new breeds of these animals before building them.

Cube Cola

I like the idea of communities having their own take on something. The Cube Cinema in Bristol for the past four years has been perfecting their own brand of cola. Well, I call it a brand: they have open-sourced the recipe. Here are their adventures. They plan to celebrate on the 25th August with a non-brand promotional party. Brings back memories of the Brewhouse which was just round the corner which brewed its beer in the basement.



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