People are doing it for themselves

Forget anti-capitalist parades, demonstrating against corporations and big buisness. If you don't like the way something is done, perhaps get together with others and do it better.

It seems that people are increasingly banding together and doing the job for themselves. People are clubbing together to build the world that they want. Communities are on the rise, but in the new world they're not just who live closest to each other. Technologists talk about open source, other walks of life are also seeing people dedicating their freetime to improve things for the community.

Manchester United since it was, bought by big buisness, left many fans disillusioned. Finally having enough they formed their own football club: FC United the fan's football club. Subject of BBC documentary and gaining many fans who want to get back to the sport: rather than the glitzy monied image that has nothing to do with the sport.

The Ordinance Survey in the United Kingdom produces maps. To use the detailed maps can be very expensive. That's where Open Street Map fits in, a group is setting out to map the isle of wight using GPS. Then aims to make this information publically available.

Hopefully there are more open initatives to come.

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