The importance of sleep

There's an interesting blog post about the importance of sleep. Not only does it report how sleep is more important for wellbeing than food, but also for some types of skills sleep is key to improvement. All the more reason to make effective use of your time while at work as staying longer consistently won't get you ahead at all.


JK Rowling's Harvard Commencement Address

JK's lessons in life from Harvard's 2008 commencement.


Job's Motivational Speech to Graduates

Steve Jobs was invited to give a Commencement Speech at Stanford. He tells three stories:

  • What happened when he dropped out of College, and how it lead to innovation.
  • What happened when he was sacked from Apple: how he reinvented himself.
  • What happened when he was diagnosed with cancer.

With lessons for life.


Mind Performance Hacks

Another book in O'Reilly's hacks series was published last month: Mind Performance Hacks gives some hacks for the scatter-brain. There is also a wiki to support the book that is worth at least a quick read.

I was beginning to think the word hacking was lost to the world of subverting computer systems. O'Reilly's hacker series does a lot to put the idea of hacking back where it was--- the combination of art and science to make something new. Mind Performance Hacks is true to its title. It reminds me of John Bentley's programming pearls articles. Some hacks fit right into an engineer’s day; Estimating Orders of Magnitude is one. Perl programmers will find this book interesting too: where there is code it is Perl. Which is fitting, some of the memory aid devices in the book were used by Larry in the early days of Perl in explaining the language to Shell or C programmers.


Hedge your life

According to The Economist we don't have long in the UK till a new type of betting. Hedge Steet in America is already providing a service allow people to buy futures, protecting them from fluctuations in the market.

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