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Over the last few years I've collected quite few tracks from the internet. There is some pretty good music that is available for nothing, either album samples, given away by artists and just free. The recent case where Google shut down some music blogs illustrates that there is a lot of music out there in the blogsphere. Many think that rather than harm artists this gives artists a break. It may though create competition for the large record labels from smaller labels.

Some recent finds:

Mutual Admiration Society Concerts
The Live Music Archive has a few gigs from around 2004 when the group toured with other big names, one gig in particular they started playing a set in the One interesting find is Car Park after the show.
Electric Swing
There's been a number of tracks over the last few years that have been sampling swing, although it sounds like more than just swing samples to me. I've found out that it now has a name: electric swing.

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