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Probing the network

When you are connected to a wireless network or are in the office and need to diagnose a problem there are various techniques and tools to probe the network. First of all it is possible to determine from the mac address, the manufacturer of the network card in a machine. The first three bytes of the mac address is known as the OUI: the IEEE keeps a searchable public database of these. A mac address for a machine can be found using ARP.

Get ready for winter now

I used to have a half-baked geocities site, adhoc html and little ordering. I was clearing out my disk and I came across it, and actually found a useful page (of unknown origin) which gave a ski training routine:

90 minutes of cardio-vascular. Elliptical cross-trainers are best. Do lower-intensity workout on two of the days, higher on the third.

(40 minutes of strengthening and agility training as circuit training)

  1. Squats (three sets) 15-25.
  2. Alternating front lunges with dumb-bells (1-3 sets) 15-25 reps with each leg
  3. Dumb bell step-ups (using a 30-45 cm step)

The Root Of All Evil: Richard Dawkins

Dawkins as always provokes a response: he seems to me to be religiously anti-religion. Disecting religion as though it were a lab-rat, he misses much recent research. Religion is not irrelivant or the evidence of belief alone can cure: no matter what the belief is in. Recent evidence has shown this.

Freenet: a new generation of Peer-to-Peer

The creaters of Freenet--- the control free content network--- describe their new algorthm at Chaos communication congress. This avoids the use of central servers or super-peers:


Pimms history and recipe

Came across this review of Pims No. 1, which contains an interesting history to the drink. Also a recipe to make Pimms in your kitchen:


Peer-to-peer Business and the importance of relationships

Things have changed a not over the last few years. Once the net, was the preserve of the few. Talking about servers, hosts and site, let alone html or mail, was unusual. It looks like we are entering a new generation of technology, that isn't lost on the technologists. Some like Thomas W Malone or MIT believe that the current communications revolution is going to change the world as much as mass literacy. His research predicts the future of work is one where more business is done Peer-to-Peer.
What is interesting about his view is he likens it to what has happened in government, as communication has improved less social stratification is needed.


Take control of your communications with Asterisk

I've known about the Asterisk PBX for some time, but never really thought what it could do for me. This demonstration video shows the basics of how it might be used at home, it briefly includes:

  • Call handling: processing calls recieved in different ways.


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