New Avalanche safety Design Concept wins Red Dot Design award

Avalanches are enormously dangerous. In the sixteen year period ending in 2001 over 82% of fatalities in avalanches were during recreational activity: skiing, climbing, snowboarding or snowmobiling.

The majority of victims that are buried are still alive. Little time is available to rescue buried victims, off-piste skiers carry avalanche equipment for this reason: the best chance of survival is for your buddy to dig you out. People die quickly buried in snow: research shows that in only half an hour chances of survival are decreased to 50%.

New aids for mountain enthusiasts are needed. A promising new design concept in the Red Dot design awards might be just the aid. It won first place in the Life Science category.

It is a backpack that, when triggered by the victim, creates enough steam. This melts the snow creating a cavity giving life saving breathing-space. If it works it should dramatically increase the chances of survival of buried skiiers and boarders.



Hi, Andy!

I've been "holding on" to the name CyberPsyche for several years, in the hope of setting up a company with that name, dedicated to computerized education in its many different forms.

Well, I'm ready to get started. I hope you don't mind. I'm sure we're not going to get the Google exposure you have, but I thought I'd ask

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