Ski Travel Notes

Some useful information to get to a ski resort in this winter.
The options are plane, train (all the way), train and car, ferry and car. But in detail:

  • Eurostar Snowtrain: this will take you all the way. 0870 6000 768
  • Eurotunnel and Drive: Take your car and drive down, more on this later. 08705 35 35 35

Low-cost Airlines

Natural Selection in Software Production

I had an interesting conversation today about coding standards, it started with a document How to write unmaintainable code. One of my collegues sent this out after reading slash-dot. It reminded me of, perhaps a more cynical version, of How to get your abstract rejected.

How much of this is tongue in cheek and how much understanding of the natural processes involved is there. Quoting statements like:

Let's face it, you and I and everyone else are going to write crap code anyway, so it may as well be cheap and simple crap code that you understand and can afford to throw away rather than complicated and expensive crap code. (The fact that 90% of the code written by 90% of developers is crap is a corollary of Sturgeon's law that 90% of everything is crap.)



Instead of spending many hours hand writing CSS and HTML, I've opted to join the blogging generation. I've looked around and found Drupal. This project is about four years old and has been contributed to by the Google Summer of code. For me this means joining an active community and using other people's excellent work. So a big thanks to the Drupal Project.



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