The Root Of All Evil: Richard Dawkins

Dawkins as always provokes a response: he seems to me to be religiously anti-religion. Disecting religion as though it were a lab-rat, he misses much recent research. Religion is not irrelivant or the evidence of belief alone can cure: no matter what the belief is in. Recent evidence has shown this.

What he tends to forget is not everyone is interested in the truth, many feel safer in a crowd being shown the way. Truth is largely unimportant, they want to be love and be loved.

As for religion causing trouble: the real issue here is leadership, how the following masses are lead and whether that leads to a better world. Belief, as is evident from Dawkins own view is a foundation of science. If Dawkins did not believe as he does he would not be able make the program he has. Like the religious people he critcises for not being scientists, he to is a fanatic. His arguement is full of bias. Interesting to watch though.

He dismisses the value of myths in society. When a great deal in society aren't as educated as him, and don't care to be. Disbanding religion and all of it's practices leads to a society with less social fabric. Science alone does not replace the support frameworks, the ethics and the structure that good societies need.

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