Flock a threat to IE

I read in the news today that Microsoft has made a beta release of Internet Explorer 8.  They also announced that the new browser works better with web applications like Facebook as well as fully conforming to web standards by passing the ACID tests.  This quick release has people thinking that Firefox is posing a threat to Internet Explorer's market share.  But it may be that the two browsers are beginning to notice Flock<

Probing the network

When you are connected to a wireless network or are in the office and need to diagnose a problem there are various techniques and tools to probe the network. First of all it is possible to determine from the mac address, the manufacturer of the network card in a machine. The first three bytes of the mac address is known as the OUI: the IEEE keeps a searchable public database of these. A mac address for a machine can be found using ARP.

The Invisible Computing

Yet another move towards the invisible computer. The big players including microsoft see integrating the web with television in the next generation of home entertainment. With the move to having web based office suites will PCs be used less, the technology being integrated into now what is the Television.

However some are not so sure of the succe


Home Manufacturing

In the future will products be manufactured in the living room? Would you download the plans of what you would like to build from the internet and print it on a 3D printer?

Already there are printers that can print 3D plastic ceramic and circuits. Parts manufactured in this way can be robust and a fraction of the cost of normal manufacture. Further advances with new materials may mean a future of downloading plans off the internet for home manufacture.

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