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Over the last few years I've collected quite few tracks from the internet. There is some pretty good music that is available for nothing, either album samples, given away by artists and just free. The recent case where Google shut down some music blogs illustrates that there is a lot of music out there in the blogsphere. Many think that rather than harm artists this gives artists a break. It may though create competition for the large record labels from smaller labels.

Some recent finds:


Stupid internet laws and copyright

What is it with some politicians?  They see a problem, often a small one, and think up a broad law without sparing a thought for judges or the police.  Creating laws that are difficult, costly or even impossible to enforce.  One area which seems to be attracting these mad bureaucrats is the internet.  What on earth makes lawmakers think that they  can stop music downloading by threatening ISPs or bill website owners for anon

Songbird sings your tunes

If you have an iPod, or are into your music you should see Songbird. This player based on some of the same code as firefox could be the bloggers choice for discovering new music. It is already backed by venture capital and is still in alpha: but already feels polished.

Get Songbird


Rodrigo y Gabriela

Just heard two brilliant guitarists: Rodrigo y Gabriela. On Myspace they list their influences as: Metallica, Megadeth, Slipnot, Shadows Fall, Mastodon. They also consider themselves indie. This might be so, but it sounds very different: the blend of indie and traditional Mexican playing has produced something entirely different. They are undeniably talented, and I'd think have much larger appeal than their influences: which may be an irony to some. It looks like a live show not to be missed.


Jools Holland

When you are young, you often believe that you can do anything. Sometimes this might mean that real talent gets missed, or gets downplayed by ego. It wasn't until recently that I realised how talented Jools Holland actually is. It might be a crime to waste a talent, but it might be brillant to use one.

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