GWT coming to Spring Roo

One of the problems with starting a new project is the time to set up the project. In recent years some frameworks, like Ruby-on-Rails have created a quick ways to set up projects days are not wasted setting up the project, build system and test environment. Spring Roo provides a way of creating project infrastructure for Spring-based web applications. It was announced in 2009 and produces the basic project layout and a working application connecting through to a database.

What other aliases does my host have?

It is common for hosts to have a number of names on the internet, this can be done for virtual hosting, marketing and other reasons. For I while now I have worked with implementations of webservices, when these webservices are shipped we often provide the client with a vanity URL that is memorable for the service that they wish to access.

Creating your own suncream

I've been reading recently how some sun cream can cause allergic reactions, like eczema, in some people. I head that toddlers in particular can have a reaction to the preservatives that manufactures are obliged to put into products to protect their skin from the sun. Cremes for sensitive skin with a high SPF factor can be expensive. There is though another way, that is to make your own sunscreen.


Dodgy service providers

It's been a while since I posted anything, one reason for this was my service provider. Back in 2008 I got a note from my service provider asking for more money. This was part the way through the year's contract. Their reasoning was that they were moving servers and needed to upgrade my package. Whichever way you looked at it, my site was using a fraction of the resources needed. So I declined to upgrade stating that the year's contract had some time to run yet. It had looked to me supiciously like the service provider was trying to get me to pay a portion of the server upgrade cost.


12 Sites for selling your images

With the internet the demand for good images has increased and it has never been easier to sell good images. One way to get money from your images is to upload them one of the new sites that have sprung up to cater for these new demands. These sites attempt to look for quality images that can be resold. They sell images for cheap aiming to make money from many sales. Each site offers better returns for contributes that get many downloads.

Reducing Internal Email Pollution

Email is so easy, but more often than not it is not the best way to communicate. As researchers writing the the IEEE Computer point out email volumes are set to grow. Email becomes less useful as traffic increases and inboxes are polluted: important emails get lost in mountains of dross. To limit pollution they recommend:

  • No more reply to all: They found this to be the largest source of pollution. Disabling the reply to all button causes thought of who to send the reply to.

What is your ISP doing to your traffic?

Are internet freedoms important?


Social Networking for Travellers

I've just read an interesting article in the Guardian in which the travel journalist Emily Baker puts some social networking sites for tourists through their paces: Going local. She gives a run-down of the social networking sites at the end of the article, here is some of it:

For meeting someone on a flight

Stupid internet laws and copyright

What is it with some politicians?  They see a problem, often a small one, and think up a broad law without sparing a thought for judges or the police.  Creating laws that are difficult, costly or even impossible to enforce.  One area which seems to be attracting these mad bureaucrats is the internet.  What on earth makes lawmakers think that they  can stop music downloading by threatening ISPs or bill website owners for anon

Flock a threat to IE

I read in the news today that Microsoft has made a beta release of Internet Explorer 8.  They also announced that the new browser works better with web applications like Facebook as well as fully conforming to web standards by passing the ACID tests.  This quick release has people thinking that Firefox is posing a threat to Internet Explorer's market share.  But it may be that the two browsers are beginning to notice Flock<


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