Rick Sammon talks at Google about photography

Rick Sammon intended to talk a about HDR but talks generally about photography:

  • Sports photographers that shoot with both eyes open, not just the eye looking through the view-finder.
  • Daylight flash fill article.
  • Best time for night photography is near dusk with a little ambient light.
  • Eye-to-eye is better for portrait.
  • Using a colour checking passport for white-balance, or an expo-disk.
  • Drinking Coffee and Alcohol changes colour perception: don't drink and print.

Image Relighting

Hewlett Packard have developed an interesting photographic technique that is being used by archeologists, although it could have interesting uses for other applications. It involves taking multiple images of the same subject under various lighting conditions by moving and changing the intensity of the light. These images are then merged together into a Polynomial Texture Map which represents how the subject responds to light. This allows photograph to be re-light in software showing up features normally invisible to the naked eye.

Off-camera flash

I recently went to an interesting talk given by Phil Bourne about off-camera flash which he gave a practical demonstration of using multiple speedlight flashes off-camera to get studio like effects.

Hacking Additional Camera Features for your Canon

There is a community that has been taking apart canon firmware and adding extra features to cameras. So far they are mainly doing this on point and shoot cameras. So if you have an old IXUS you might want to try it: although it's probably not for the faint of heart. Loading the new firmware gives a number of features to your point and shoot that weren't there before such as:

  • Greater control over the shutter and ISO
  • Providing RAW if it wasn't there before.
  • Live histogram, visual indication of over/underexposed areas (Zebra mode)

12 Sites for selling your images

With the internet the demand for good images has increased and it has never been easier to sell good images. One way to get money from your images is to upload them one of the new sites that have sprung up to cater for these new demands. These sites attempt to look for quality images that can be resold. They sell images for cheap aiming to make money from many sales. Each site offers better returns for contributes that get many downloads.

Flickr Mashups

Flickr is a popular photography site. Its webservice interface has lead to a number of mashups using its content:

  • Tag Galaxy produces a galaxy of the nearest tags to the tag entered.
  • Retrievr search flickr by sketching.
  • Clockr displays a clock of flickr digits.
  • Fastr a fickr guessing game.

Photosynth: navigating through online photos

An amazing demonstration of a technology under development that promises to, not only identify similar images, but piece them together like a jigsaw. Each photograph (or image) is stitched together to form a seamless image, which can be navigated in a very natural way.

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