Flexible working

I've been reading about work life balance and flexible working. The Sloan Work and Family Research Network has a lot of statistics about working hours and the feasibility having flexible working hours. The research suggests that if employers provide flexible working patterns that:

  • At least 50% of employees report high levels of life satisfaction.
  • Studies suggest that employees with flexible working patterns suffer less from mental health problems

British Telecom's webservice platform

British Telecom recently bought Ribbit a silicon valley telecommunications company. Ribbit produced a platform to integrate telephony with web technology. Interestingly part of their stack is Skype, SIP-based VOIP, open chat protocols alongside the traditional telephone network. This technology fits nicely with what BT has been doing with webservices: web21c their webservice api to the telephone network. This technology means that the telephone network can be accessed from the browser.


The last lecture of Randy Pausch

What would a teacher teach if he really knew he was about to die?

The alice project

What is your ISP doing to your traffic?

Are internet freedoms important?


Interesting program on Romani

BBC Radio 4 recently had a programme Word of Mouth on the words we use (BBC Radio 4 FM, 11:00pm Monday 28th July). It's interesting to find out that a lot of words in English have their roots in the Romani language. The programme found that Romani was a dying language in the UK until recent immigration from Europe which has brought about a revival.

One thing I found interesting were the origin of some words that are in common use that are of Romani. I've looked around the web and here are some of the words that are originally Romani:


School of everything

I recently came across The School of Everything socially networking students and teachers. Want to learn a new skill, you can find someone in your area that can teach you. It's never been a better time to learn. Their vision sounds like a manifesto for a new education, bottom-up education.


X-Ray plugin: visualise your code in eclipse

Jacopo Malanti has recently released an excellent plugin for eclipse that allows the user to identify areas for improvement in large code-bases. It is called X-Ray. It draws two styles of diagram:



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