Creating your own suncream

I've been reading recently how some sun cream can cause allergic reactions, like eczema, in some people. I head that toddlers in particular can have a reaction to the preservatives that manufactures are obliged to put into products to protect their skin from the sun. Cremes for sensitive skin with a high SPF factor can be expensive. There is though another way, that is to make your own sunscreen.


The spectre of Tuberculosis

We in the Western world have been lucky over the past century for the not having to deal with Tuberculosis. The history of Tuberculosis (TB) and man has been a long one, mummies in the British Museum have been found to have traces of the disease in their spines, evidence exists that the neolithic people were effected by the disease. TB in the history of man has been a big killer. It was only through advances in science that it was almost wiped out. The bad news is it's back. Extremely drug-resistant TB is beginning to spread, a form which there are few if any treatments.

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