Off-camera flash

I recently went to an interesting talk given by Phil Bourne about off-camera flash which he gave a practical demonstration of using multiple speedlight flashes off-camera to get studio like effects.

Dodgy service providers

It's been a while since I posted anything, one reason for this was my service provider. Back in 2008 I got a note from my service provider asking for more money. This was part the way through the year's contract. Their reasoning was that they were moving servers and needed to upgrade my package. Whichever way you looked at it, my site was using a fraction of the resources needed. So I declined to upgrade stating that the year's contract had some time to run yet. It had looked to me supiciously like the service provider was trying to get me to pay a portion of the server upgrade cost.


Warren Smith and biomechanics

I noticed recently that Warren Smith has an interesting page on skiing. He talks about how biomechanics and psychology are not always taken into account by ski teachers and can contribute to skiers remaining at an intermediate level for longer. He lists some typical but not exhaustive issues that can be solved with more awareness: giving tips on diagnosis and remedies.

The church of St.George

Old christian church Originally uploaded by andygavin.


Hole in the wall fallout

Hole in the wall fallout Originally uploaded by andygavin.

Everything really does happen at once. I'd decided to move on and do all the work that I was putting off on the flat. As soon as this starts, what happens, someone reverses into the wall near my garage. They could have left their name, but didn't. Looks like the garage will need some long needed attention.


Gorillaz and MTV

Recently a saw Jonathan Ross interview Damon Alburn (famous as Blur's front man) and Jamie Hewlett (who comic enthusiasts will know as the creator of Tank Girl).
They told a story about how, a few years ago, they were sharing a flat in London. Watching the manufactured bands on MTV, they became disillusioned— so they decided to manufacture their own band. A cartoon band: the Gorillaz. Quite amazing to think, this month they won the MTV award for Best Band despite insisting there isn't a band.


Jools Holland

When you are young, you often believe that you can do anything. Sometimes this might mean that real talent gets missed, or gets downplayed by ego. It wasn't until recently that I realised how talented Jools Holland actually is. It might be a crime to waste a talent, but it might be brillant to use one.


George Best died today

A working man's hero and what a life he had. A tragic genius, some people just seem to self-destruct.

I spend a lot of my money on booze, birds and fast cars-- the rest I just squandered.

--- George Best

It is ironic that George dies in the week that the British Licensing laws change to be 24 hours. There is much speculation about how the British will deal with the new laws. George might just be the example of why it will be worse for some than others.

I hope he rests in peace.


calligraphies, set announcement

calligraphies, set announcement Originally uploaded by clickykbd.

Some interesting swirls. Has typography lost the influence of the pen?



Instead of spending many hours hand writing CSS and HTML, I've opted to join the blogging generation. I've looked around and found Drupal. This project is about four years old and has been contributed to by the Google Summer of code. For me this means joining an active community and using other people's excellent work. So a big thanks to the Drupal Project.

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